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Safety Career KICKSTART for School Leavers (2017)

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WHAT? 14-Day Occupational Health & Safety (OHSPRAC I-II) training breakaway for school leavers.

WHEN? 2017 Dates to be finalised

WHERE? Leribisi Lodge, Leribisi Rd, Tierpoort (Pretoria East)

COST? R14 900 per student (includes accommodation, meals and all course material)

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  • Finishing school at the end of this year?
  • Not sure what to do yet?
  • Don’t have funding to further your education at a tertiary institution?
  • Use this school holiday to launch yourself into a challenging, yet satisfying and very high-in-demand career!

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is one of the fastest-growing career fields in the world with new job opportunities opening up as workplace safety becomes a major priority. Saacosh has been providing professional OHS training to some of the world’s foremost companies for more than a decade and we’re now making our OHSPRAC training available to those about to finish school at the end of this year.

Holiday Breakaway to New Possibilities

The training breakaway will be presented as a combination of theory and experiential learning (with a good dose of fun in between (see next page for detailed descriptions of training modules).

Students will stay on-site for the full period and those who finish successfully will receive a OHSPRAC I and II certificate. This will give successful candidates a major advantage when
entering the job market in 2017.

The only requirements are that you have Grade 10 or equivalent qualification and that you are willing to commit twee weeks of your school holiday to invest in your future.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn in 14 Days:


You need to know the basics of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and why they are so important. This 5-day module will teach you about the everyday health and safety environment and how to keep people safe and alive. With this basic knowledge you can already be employed and make a meaningful contribution to any company. This module also serves as the basis for the rest of the course.


The law is a driving factor in society to which all citizens need to obey. Companies need to comply with OHS laws, and there are two in South Africa: The Occupational Health & Safety Act and The Mine Health & Safety Act. Both have a rich history and you will be taught what the requirements of these laws are and what companies need to have in place to comply with them.


HIRA is the foundation of a company’s effort to prevent loss. Hence the birth of Risk Management which is a very specialised field of study on its own. Any loss can have an impact on safety, health, environment, property, finances etc. The sustainable existence of a company depends on effective HIRA being in place. You will be equipped with the necessary skills to put together a HIRA process for a company.


In the real world bad things sometimes happen. It is important to learn from them in order to prevent a re-occurrence and possible future losses. Incident investigations will equip you with yet another scarce skill within OHS - to effectively follow incident investigation protocols to investigate unwanted events. More importantly, to better advise a company’s management team on what contributed to the incident and what corrective and/ or preventative actions need to be implemented.


One of the key responsibilities of an OHS professional is to be able to effectively and efficiently conduct audits and inspections and subsequently influence both the management team and the workforce to rectify unsafe or unwanted behaviours or conditions. This module will cover the skill to be able to conduct audits and inspections.


Conducting PTO’s is yet another skill within the OHS industry that is hard to come by, understand and implement. PTOs are a legal requirement whereby employees are declared competent to perform their work on a daily basis. This module will equip you with the ability to effectively develop and implement a legally required system that sometimes take managers and
supervisors years to master.


Does the thought of speaking in public or making presentations fill you with fear although you realize it is a crucial skill to further your career? This cutting-edge 2-day module will equip you to present and facilitate with confidence, effectiveness and
impact. The module is designed to take participants through a step-by-step process which combines theory and practical application.

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SAACOSH (Pty) Ltd is the leading provider of customised safety, health, environmental and quality training services. SAACOSH (Pty) Ltd was first registered as a Closed Corporation (cc) on 19 January 2005, with the aim to establish an organisation that would have as its aim to uplift the professionalism of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Practitioners.