First ever Masterclass in High Reliability Organising (HRO) in Africa!

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"Things that have never happened before, now happen all the time.” - Scott Sagan

The International HRO Academy is proud to invite you to attend the first ever Masterclass in High Reliability Organizing on African soil.

DATES: 13-15 May 2015
VENUE: Emperor’s Palace, Kempton Park (Jhb), South Africa
COST: R 6 500 pp (includes refreshments, lunch, handouts)

The Game Has Changed and Players are Struggling

Your world is rapidly changing. Organizations are becoming more complex (dealing with new technologies, integration of production chains, global competition, changed clients expectations, and society being less accepting about safety incidents and environmental disasters) and as a result you and your organization’s ability to cope is being tested like never before.

In their attempt to stand up to this multi-dimensional challenge, managers, professionals and decision-makers at all levels are often lagging behind. In many organizations, structures and systems are 20, 30 or even more years behind and the organizational culture is archaic and slow to adapt. After years of conditioning, leaders still believe that to keep incidents and unwanted situations under control, more rules, procedures, IT-systems and handbooks need to be introduced.

The problem is that this approach only worked in yesterday’s stable and manageable working environment with known risks and mostly controllable conditions. Today’s work- place is characterized by volatile external dynamics and constant internal complexity and this require new capabilities from organizations, management and workers.

Learn What it Takes to Win in the New Game

This masterclass, endorsed by the international Institute for High Reliability Organizing (iHRO), is designed to equip executives and senior leaders with insight into new and proven ways of thinking about safety and safety cultures in our organizations. Our expert international facilitators will combine the latest scientific insights, academic knowledge and practical experience to help you build resilience and safety into the very core of your organization. Delegates will share quality focus time and interaction with the facilitators, other organizational leaders and thought leaders in High Reliability Organizing to explore solutions for challenges in their respective organizations.


Duration: 3 Days (13-15 May 2015)

Module 1. Setting the stage.

Module 2. Moving from control to resilience - assessing my organization.

Module 3. Manifestation of organizing for resilience.

Module 4. Drivers of organized behavior.

Module 5. Importance of collective mindfulness – new perspective on the cause of incidents.
Module 6. Key leadership behaviours for change – assessing your capabilities.

Module 7. How to drive continuous change.

Module 8. How to launch change – conditions for developing resilience.

Module 9. Personal reflection and action – what to do tomorrow.

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